Visualizing, processing, & interpreting LWD/MWD and wireline logs for successful geosteering & accurate petrophysical evaluation.

  •  LogXD is a software package for visualizing, processing, and/or interpreting both LWD/MWD (Logging/Measurement while drilling) and wireline logs in high angle and horizontal wells.

  •  It provides an eXtra Dimension by visualizing logs in a 2D space (true vertical depth and the lateral extent of a wellbore) in addition to the more traditional 1D display of logs as function of measured depth.

  •  It offers another eXtra Dimension through its integrated tool response modeling and inversion capability to extract information (e.g., distance to fluid contact or bed-boundary, anisotropy, and structural information such as apparent dip) which otherwise is not readily available. 

  •  With typical MWD suite of logs (GR, resistivity, density, GR image, and/or density image…), LogXD enables users to understand the relationship between the borehole and the reservoir structure, to correlate the response characteristics in high deviation wells from these measurements, and to come up with an integrated interpretation useful to geosteering, formation evaluation, and reservoir production.


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